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Dermatologist Reveals Dermatology Procedures to Avoid


Before opting for the newest or most commonly advertised procedure, there are simple facts you should know before digging deep into your pocket when visiting your derm/cosmetic surgeon. Don’t fall into the trap and spend your hard earned cash on pointless procedures. Straight from the dermatologist’s office, Dr. Sandra Lee provides a cheat sheet on skin procedures to avoid.

Laser Away Your Worries, Not Your Mole

Don’t depend on laser removal to do away with a mole on any part of your body/face. A mole should be excised entirely, a quick and simple office procedure—not lasered away. A laser will not necessarily get rid of a mole. In fact, if a mole changes and becomes cancerous, a laser may actually be a contributing factor.

Wart Wars

Don’t get mad at your dermatologist if your wart doesn’t disappear. There are hundreds of recommendations on how to treat warts out there.  Even banana peels and duct tape have been advised! Think about it—if there is ONE way that is always effective, then there would ONLY be one way to treat a wart.  Remember, that warts are caused by a virus and this virus is “flying under the radar”, meaning your immune system is not detecting that it is living on our skin.  If you are a healthy person, a wart will eventually go away when your body “wakes up” and realizes it is there. Unfortunately, a dermatologist can’t predict the timeframe. He/she can’t determine whether it will be tomorrow, next month or next year.

Color-block when it comes to Laser Hair Removal

A laser that successfully treats hair doesn’t know it’s doing so. With that said, laser hair removal works best for a person with pale skin and dark hair. The laser is treating color, not hair. Therefore, steer clear of the sun or tanning salon before laser hair removal. Since your skin color may be closer in color to your hair this increases the chances that the laser may treat your skin my mistake—possibly leaving you with a blister or permanent scar.

Getting to the Pit of the Problem with Laser Acne Treatment?

My biggest laser scorn—lasers that purport to treat acne.  They work by targeting a type of bacteria, Proprionobacterium acnes, that commonly resides in our pimples. But—destroying this bacteria, if it is present, does not prevent new acne from popping up. In other words, these lasers are money pits, providing only temporary improvement of your face but leaving the pit of your pocket empty.

Fake Six-pack Abs with Liposuction—A BIG NO-NO

When seeing this procedure advertised, I want to scream, “DON’T DO IT”. By sculpting your abs, you may temporarily sport a sexy six-pack. But—this won’t be sexy for long. Once adding on a few pounds, you will go from stud to dud. Fat gained tends to collect in the “muscular” areas, and you may end up with extra breasts instead of muscles. 

Need an Eyelift? WRONG!

Many patients frequently ask if they are a good candidate for an eyelift with complaints that their eyelids look and feel tired or get the occasional “did you get any sleep?“. I would say that 50% of patients I see that say they need an eye lift, really need a brow lift. A simple test I use is to ask a patient to gently close then open his/her eyes. If the patient brows lift in order to open his/her eyes—a brow lift is the solution. If only an eyelift is performed in a case like this, they won’t get the improvement they are searching for.