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The concept of “bitchy resting face” may have started off as a joke, but ever since the fake PSA went live – garnering more than 2 million hits on the comedy site Funny or Die and YouTube – scores of women have come forward to own up to the “disorder.” (credit  Does this really exist? Absolutely, says board certified Philadelphia area plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle Back.


Dr. Back gives the lowdown on various facial features and how they might be perceived:

Thin lips = mean, older, strict/stern

Lines/folds around the mouth or down from the corners = mean, unapproachable, unfriendly, harsh, scowling

Beady, non-open looking eyes = shifty, tired, uninterested, apathetic, bored/boring

Deep folds/lines between the eyes  = angry, grouchy, stern, scolding

Low, flat arched eyebrows = tired, stressed, exhausted

Too high arched eyebrows = giddy, ditzy, hyper

Low eyebrows folded towards the center = judgmental

Large, non-refined or bottom heavy nose – looks masculine, non-feminine, rough, older


“Bitchy Resting Face” (BRF) is something that plastic surgeons have seen for years, it simply never had this moniker” says Dr. Back. Plastic surgeons do perform “expression surgeries,” procedures meant to improve resting facial expressions. Full pouty lips without the surrounding “scowl” lines signal warmth and approachability. Open, refreshed eyes communicate interest, ease, and being unstressed. How can cosmetic surgery come to the rescue?  Popular wrinkle fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane are used to help combat the new “Bitchy Resting Face” Syndrome. These fill in and smooth away any unfriendly wrinkles and lines, especially for the lips and around the mouth. Botox is extremely good at softening out those stern looking 11′s between the eyes.  As Dr. Back says, “When there are no creases between the brows, often times the woman doesn’t look as angry or mean. While a temporary procedure, most women having this done will see the visual effect it has on their “demeanor” and come back quickly when the Botox begins to wear off after about 4 months!”


What can be done for each feature to combat Bitchy Resting Face?


Lips: Filler or fat injections to restore fullness and soften scowl lines/folds around the mouth or lips – look friendlier, happier.

Eyelids: Botox can make the eyes look more open and rested. An eyelid lift for the upper eyelids or chemical peel or laser for the lower eyelids is the more advanced version.

Nose: Rhinoplasty to feminize the nose.

Brows: Proper aesthetic brow waxing/shaping, or Botox to lift, better shape, better arch the brows or a browlift procedure – all  for a more open, awake and less stressed look

Forehead : Botox works best for smoothing out these classic frown lines.