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Don’t Give the Cold Shoulder to Latest Plastic Surgery Trend – Shoulder Sculpting


Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry are used to being admired for their beauty and fashion style.  But lately, it’s not their red carpet looks women are coveting - it’s their slender, toned shoulders. 


“There’s definitely been a rise in patients asking for more defined shoulders,” says Dr. Michael Diaz, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida.   “For many women, it’s hard to get rid of that extra padding in their shoulders even with diet and exercise.  Shoulder exercises may help you tone your muscles, but will not directly affect fat.”


According to Dr. Diaz, liposuction is an effective procedure for patients who are seeking to improve the contours of their shoulders.  Small incisions are placed in the natural creases and shadows of the shoulder area.  The incisions are discrete and can also be used to perform liposuction of the arms as well.  Fat is then aspirated with a very thin suction cannula (wand).   “This technique decreases the bulk and provides a more streamlined and feminine appearance,” says Dr. Diaz. 


Shoulder liposuction is relatively pain-free and patients can return to work after a few days.  There is some initial swelling that starts subsiding at about 2 weeks. Dr. Diaz states that lipo-refining  of the shoulders usually leaves little to no bruising.