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Getting Your Man to Take Care of His Skin the Right Way!!


September 13, 2013 – Though men's grooming is on the rise, it’s not uncommon for men to still view skincare maintenance as a lengthy process involving an avalanche of beauty products and visits to the spa for three-hour facials.  However, as many women know, it isn’t all about vanity and relaxation, it’s about maintaining your health.  So ladies, once and for all, let’s educate our husbands and boyfriends on how to take care of their skin properly and that healthy skincare involves more than a bar of soap and a razor. 



The Great Outdoors

For many men, the fall season means spending time outdoors whether it’s attending football games, squeezing in a few more weekends of golf or doing some yard work outside the house.  Because the temperature gets cooler in the fall and access to sunlight becomes a bit more limited, men don’t think they need sunscreen.  “Actually, you need it more,” says Dr. Steven Rotter, a board certified dermatologist in Virginia.  “In the fall and winter, the sun is closer to the earth and its rays are even stronger.  Although it's true that you're outside for less time and are more bundled up when you are, your face and hands are still exposed to harmful rays.” 

Make Sure Your Skin Doesn’t Get a Workout at the Gym

When the weather starts to cool down, men head indoors for their workouts - but breaking a sweat might not be good for your skin.  “Research shows that most gym-goers don’t shower immediately after a workout,” says Dr. Rotter.  “When left unwashed, sweat can cause irritation and redness, acne flare- ups and clogged pores.”  Dr. Rotter recommends washing your face immediately after your workout - before you leave the gym.  “You don’t want a cocktail of dirt, oil, and bodily fluids clinging to your skin, affecting its pH, and clogging your pores. Bring cleansing facial wipes with you if there’s no running water (like in the park), or you know you won’t be able to get to a sink promptly.” 

Say No to Soap

Soap is made up of harsh alkaline salts that strip essential oils from skin. These ingredients can clog your skin and leave behind chemical residues that dull or damage your skin.  The dryness caused by soap is cumulative—the more you use it, the more damage you do to your skin. Dr. Rotter recommends a moisturizing body wash that is clinically proven to fight skin dryness with no irritation or tightness.

Skincare Tips for the Road Warrior

While the kids are heading back-to-school, your man’s job may require him to travel more in the new season.  Whether by plane, train or automobile, it’s important to always have these basics in your travel bag: facial wash, moisturizer and sunscreen.   “Consider the climate at your destination,” advises Dr. Rotter.  “If it’s drier than you are accustomed to, then you need a heavier moisturizer; if it’s more humid, you might not need moisturizer at all. Those travelling to hot, sunny places you should be particularly vigilant about sun protection.”