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North, South, East or West…It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are-Good Skin Is Always In!



NEW YORK, NY--Whether you’re traveling across country or across county, each new environment can be taxing and possibly damaging to your skin.  Are you adapting your skin care regimen to fit the unique demands of your environment?  We consulted with one of the top skin care experts in the country for some quick tips on how to be a weathered traveler without looking like one!


Sun-Seekers:  In the cold winter months, many people seek the warm and sunny climates of the Southeast for some much needed R and R.  But paradise seekers must beware cautions Dr. Tabasum Mir, a New York City-based Cosmetic Laser Surgeon and skincare expert.  “People seem to forget that spending time in a humid tropical climate requires a latitude correction.  Most people don’t know or aren’t aware of the fact that high SPF ratings are inadequate since SPF refers only to UVB.  Physical UVA blocks such as transparent zinc-oxide should be a must for those intent on beach – bumming it.”


Star-Spotting: The West Coast may be known for it’s celebrity movers and shakers, but there’s one resident the stars would like to see go bye-bye: The smog!  Dr. Mir explains; “The unique Los Angeles environment and lifestyle accelerates the visible signs of aging, premature thinning, dryness and wrinkles.  Daily use of the proper nutrients such as Vitamin C can prevent, and in some cases, reverse these changes.”  The good doctor also suggests that LA trendsetters try a more holistic approach, including hormone replacement, antioxidant creams, and nutritional counseling in an effort to go from glamour wuss to glamour puss.


East Coast Edge: “People living in the suburban and rural areas of the Northern East Coast, by virtue of substantial outdoor living and working, tend to have greater exposure of the skin to the cold and wind in the winter, and overexposure to the sun in the summer,” reports Dr. Mir.  She notes that east-coasters take “winter-white” with a grain of salt, and head to tanning salons, seemingly unconcerned with the undue harm this year-round exposure to harsh elements causes to the skin.  To maintain that East Coast “edge”, Dr. Mir recommends using a strong glycolic moisturizing cream.  This type of cream works two-fold by keeping the skin moist and hydrated, while at the same time maintaining a barrier to adverse external particles and environmental pollutants.


The Day-to-Day Quick tips For Big City Living: If you’re a big city girl who commutes every day, emergency rations are key.  Dr. Mir suggests carrying make-up removal pads with propylene glycol and a SPF to combat the effects of exhaust, pollution, and undue exposure to ultraviolet light. City slickers on the go without immediate access to soap and water should keep travel rations of germ sanitizers like Purel on hand to keep skin moisturized, as well as germ-free when traveling in areas of heavy congestion, such as buses, trains, and subways.


Suburban Skin Chic: Whether jogging, carpooling, or just puttering around the house, individuals need to recognize that skin care starts at home.  Our expert recommends being on the look-out for common environmental hazards such as overexposure to the sun, household products and chemical spraying that may cause adverse skin reactions, and strenuous exercise, that can rob the skin of it’s natural suppleness over a period of time. Hydration should go beyond watering the lawn!  Be it a the dog days of the summer, or a blizzard in the middle of January, the key to maintaining healthy skin all year round is being conscious of environmental hazards, and preparing the your skin for whatever surroundings you might find yourself in.