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Hey Dude Skin Care makes Manly Skin Care Possible!





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Hey Dude Skin Care announces that it has introduced a new series of men’s skincare and grooming products that serves the needs of today’s modern Dude.  By replacing its past series of branded products with a simple, step-by-step system of products comprising a system it calls Dudification, Hey Dude Skin Care addresses all of the major grooming needs of guys – exfoliation, shaving, post-shave treatment, moisturizing, and sun protection

According to Susan Berner, CEO and long time aesthetician at Hey Dude Skin Care, “In today’s marketplace, there is a serious lack of skincare products that serves that segment of men who are savvy and image conscious, but who don’t want to overspend on products with ingredients they don’t really need.”  Instead of settling for recognized cheaper mass brands or overpaying for products at a department store, Dudes have the chance to buy new high performance Hey Dude Skin Care products that are affordably priced from $9.99 to $17.99. 

“By choosing to Dudify himself with these well-priced, premium quality products,” continued Berner, “today’s Dude arms himself with the obvious choice in men’s skin care and grooming – Hey Dude Skin Care.  We’re helping Dudes solve a persistent problem by supplying the right tools at the right price to help them address their appearance.  The modern Dude knows that in order to compete for a good job, a pretty girl, or anything else where appearance matters, that he needs better products he can consistently count on to keep him looking young, vibrant, and ready for success.  In using the Hey Dude Skin Care series, he’s prepared for these challenges.”

Instead of producing just another re-packaged "me too" men's product line, Hey Dude Skin Care has rolled out a line of products that reward a Dude's craving for a simple skincare system, rather than insult and confuse him with dozens of overpriced products he's too busy to understand or have time to use. Hey Dude has combined functions like blending a deep facial cleanser with a superior shave gel in its Dude Cleansing Shave GelIts Dude Wash 3-in-1 goes even further by combining body wash, shampoo and shave gel with not one, but TWO pheromones proven to attract the ladies. Not only will a Dude get himself super clean, but super sexy at the same time!  Isn't that what simplicity and efficiency is all about?

The products introduced by Hey Dude Skin Care and available for sale online at  The company is in active discussions with a number of brick and mortar retailers who will make these products available in stores nationwide.  In addition, the company is actively working to promote its products to its target audience of Dudes through social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare

By creating an online “voice” and personality for its animated Dude mascot, the company further distinguishes itself from its competitors by having a relevant “conversation” with its customers.  Hey Dude Skin Care is highly tuned to the feedback of its customer base, and in hearing their concerns, is well positioned to address their needs with the best, most affordable tools they can purchase.

About Hey Dude Skin Care

Based in the Dude bastion known as South Beach, Hey Dude Skin Care was originally founded in 2008 as a manufacturer of a variety of men’s skincare products focused on anti-aging concerns.  As it became evident that a significant segment of men were left lacking in high quality, affordable and simple skincare products, the company shifted its focus to fill this need by delivering an outstanding system of tools designed for the modern Dude.  By using premium ingredients like antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E in its core products, Hey Dude Skin Care ensures that its customers gain the benefits of long term maintenance of their skin.     

The company continues to grow and plans to introduce a number of new products in the next year, including haircare, fragrances, and other grooming products.  It can be found at, called at 800.428.4114, or e-mailed at  The company maintains active Facebook and Twitter feeds and exchanges regularly with customers there.