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Stay Safe this Flu Season with Tips from Dr. Sue DeCotiis


So far this season, more than 2,000 have died in the U.S. of flu-related complications, a number which has "pushed the illness past the 'epidemic' threshold." Oh, and more bad news: The outbreak could be far from over. While some experts were hoping this year's flu already reached its peak, CDC Director Thomas Frieden said the current data could be unreliable because it was collected at the end of the holiday season when few people schedule visits to the doctor (meaning fewer people receiving diagnoses).

Below, Dr. Sue DeCotiis, medical internist of Manhattan Medical Weight Loss Physican & attending physician at Beth Israel Medical Center as well as Lenox Hill Hospital shares some important tips for keeping yourself and your children well over the next few months.

“Over 200,000 people in the US get the flu every year, and up to 15,000 can become severely ill from it. Protect yourself! Realize that any surface touched by others is a source of illness.  Elevator buttons, door knobs and workspaces are all big culprits,” says Dr. DeCotiis.
Quick Guide to Staying Flu Free
• Cover nose and mouth with paper towel, not a tissue, to prevent the spread of germs.
• Avoid crowded elevators and trains, making sure to turn your head away if someone close to you is coughing or sneezing. It’s not impolite; it’s self-preservation!
• Carry hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face.
• Wash your hands! Especially when you enter public spaces, you are taking away germs that you may not realize even existed.

“In addition to these common sense tips, there are dietary changes you can make and supplements that you can take to keep your body in excellent condition and your immune system top notch,” Dr. DeCotiis shares.

Guard Against Bodily Attacks
• Fruits and vegetables will keep your body streamlined and healthy during this season.
• Multivitamins are also a great defense, specifically C, D, A and B5. This will boost your immune system’s functionality.
• Probiotics also contain high amounts of “good bacteria,” and strengthen the immune system to improve the body’s response to infection.
• Olive Leaf Extracts also help to decrease the likelihood of coming down with an illness.
As Dr. DeCotiis explains, “Even utilizing all of these tactics to drive away illness and to protect your body, the best defense is still to get a flu shot. You can’t afford to skip it!”

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