Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media Management and Marketing


KMR Communications understands that daily management of social media platforms is quite an undertaking. Messages must be aligned, making your social media “voice” consistent as your story unfolds daily through shared information useful to followers.

KMR Communications creates a social media strategy that inspires engagement and establishes you as a credible brand or person in your space. If needed, we can manage your accounts as a designated administrator and take care of scheduling posts with appropriate content that is suitable and impactful.

To be effective on social media, there must be a special balance of general information, entertainment and brand promotion, plus a call to action. The goal is to create a steady flowing social media voice that is authentic.

As a firm, KMR boasts an outstanding social media following. Our Twitter account @kmrpr has over 100,000 of followers and continues to grow. Among other social media platforms, we use our Twitter to continue to spread our clients’ messages and media coverage.

Our partner Internet Inspirations can help you with your social media marketing image, plan and integration. Contact Internet Inspirations today to find out how we can help you intelligently develop, manage and track a successful social media strategy for your business. CALL: 800.294.4876

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